Careful planning is key to creating and photographing a set of images that represent your brand and your project. After a thorough walkthrough to give us an understanding of the space, we will create our shot list. It’s a collaborative process where we discuss ideas, the time of day, and how the light will change for each shot. Once we have a detailed shot list, we can begin the photoshoot.


Estimates are structured based on the following:

CREATIVE FEE: The creative fee includes the time and skill required to complete the project. This includes pre-production tasks such as client meetings, location scouts, and determining all of the necessary photographic equipment. The creative fee is quoted on a per-day basis and generally produces 10-15 images. 

ASSISTANT: The day goes more smoothly with experienced helping hands, and as a result, we get more done in less time, and best of all, the photos are better. Everyone wins.

POST-PRODUCTION: After the shoot, I retouch the images to achieve portfolio quality, which includes:

- Blending and lighting adjustments by hand, color correction, perspective correction, and selective contrast adjustments. 

- Post-production also includes the storage, backup, digital delivery, and archiving of the final images from your shoot. 

STANDARD USE LICENSE: All final images will come with a standard boilerplate license to use the photos. This standard license covers all of the usage needs for most clients, and additional usage licenses can be provided if needed.

COST SHARING & RATE DISCOUNTS: Cost sharing is a common practice when photographing a project. By bringing in just one additional party you can save over 30% of the initial cost. Discounts increase for each additional party included.  There are many variables that can affect the rate of your photoshoot and for that reason, every shoot is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

- Example: If a photoshoot is estimated at $3,500, and one party is added to the cost-share, the total becomes $4,550 ($3,500 + 30%). The new cost per party is $2,275. You save $1,225.

- Examples of companies that often want access to the photos include architects, interior designers, landscape architects, construction firms, sub-contractors, lighting designers, materials vendors, furniture vendors, flooring and window vendors, owners/tenants, etc.

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